Something to look forward to

Another week goes by and more restrictions are being lifted so please be careful. Rhoda, Nancy and Ruth live close to Leicester, but not in the lockdown zone, so we hope that they can stay safe.

Congratulations to Dominic Pierce-Brown on obtaining his MSc.

The people from Long Bennington Church have been in touch asking if we can rearrange the concert that we were to do in March for Saturday, 8th May 2021, with a reserve date of 22nd May. I have replied positively with the proviso that we will be meeting before then. It will be good to have something to aim for. The good thing is that we can use most of the programme that we were preparing.

Your committee is meeting on Tuesday next week; if you have anything to raise contact Rhoda, Mary or Cathy.

Thanks to those who have submitted recordings of April is in my mistress’ face. There aren’t enough to put together yet so I’ll wait a bit longer.

For this week’s singing we’ll revise Elgar Happy Eyes and Serenade. The notes of these were secure so there is only a full audio track of each one. A reminder that Elgar is meticulous with his markings so please pay attention to those. Although the notes are repeated from verse to verse the words are not and have different emphasis and mood.

Happy Eyes

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