We’re all going on a Summer Holiday

We are now into holiday season, even though it doesn’t seem much changed from the daily routine at the moment, so this will be the last Nick’s Notes of the season. I am taking a few weeks off to assess the situation and come up with a plan for September.

It doesn’t look like there has been much progress towards singing together in person so I have to devise something that will keep us interested from week to week but will have the flexibility to adapt to an ever changing situation. Any suggestions, ideas etc. are most welcome, it is a new situation for us all. In the meantime there is plenty of material in the Notes since March for you to revisit and to keep your vocal chords in trim. There is also lots of material on line to explore, if you find anything good let me know.

The Long Bennington on Concert is still in the pipeline but no further in the planning. A reminder that the proposed dates are 8th May or 22nd May. So far three people have indicated unavailability for one date or the other; if anyone else becomes unavailable please let me know as soon as you know please – we may have to negotiate another date.

Thanks to those who sent recordings of April is in my mistress’ face which has come out better than the last one. It includes contributions from Nick Milburn on both the tenor and bass part plus Catherine, Mary, Rhoda, Ruth, Vicky (twice), me, John Hardcastle and John Draper. Well done everyone.

April is in my Mistress’ face

Vicky and I went down to Cheddar for a week to catch up with Matthew and his family. Next week we are spending a few days in York to see Edward who, being an actor/musician has not worked since January.

Jane Poat has sent a link to video of Underneath the Stars featuring Lizzie. They are allowed to sing, socially distanced, in Ireland. The arrangement is lovely, and available. More suggestions for repertoire please.

Have a good summer and I’ll be back in September.

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