The Newstead Abbey Singers started early in the 1960’s when a group of friends got together to sing carols around the houses in Newstead Abbey Park to raise money for the Sue Ryder Foundation. More and more people asked to be visited and eventually the singers were allowed to give concerts in Newstead Abbey itself; at first in the cloisters and then, when the audience outgrew that venue, in the Salon, under the auspices of Nottingham City Council. When fire regulations deemed it unsafe Nottingham City Council offered Wollaton Hall, where the concerts continued successfully for a few years. Eventually the City Council withdrew their support and the choir became nomadic for a while. After twenty years of this nomadic existence the choir returned to Newstead Abbey for their Christmas Concert in 2016.

The choir has grown, but it is still a small choir with a wide and varied repertoire. During its time has had two exchange visits with the Karlsruhe Konzertchor and two visits to Menorca to raise money for the local Rotary Club.

In the fifty or so years since it was founded there have only been four musical directors (Anthony Shillingford, Anthony Glover, Charles Slade, Nicholas Thorpe) which speaks volumes for their dedication and we are very grateful to them, particularly our current director, Nicholas Thorpe who continues to expand our range.

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